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Briefly, the Cover Crop Roller was developed to overcome the shortcomings of knocking down an existing cover crop and then planting on no-till farms. Finding the right equipment for cover crop management has been the biggest barrier to no-till farming. Now, with a no-till planter attached to the back of the tractor and the Cover Crop Roller mounted to the front, a farmer can roll and plant all in the same pass! Read more about the models and specifications of the Cover Crop Roller here.

The rolling and crimping action of the blades will transform a field of vetch, rye or other cover crop into a thick, weed suppressing mulch.

Farmers of organic farms and sustainable agriculture who already work with cover crops will quickly realize the time saving value of a front mounted Cover Crop Roller. Many conventional farmers recognize no till farming benefits and make the move to organic farming with this step saving tool. Or they can use the Cover Crop Roller as part of their conventional farming program to reduce the amount of herbicide sprays.


  • Cover crop management without herbicides or tillage
  • Reduced herbicide use in conventional no till farming systems
  • Mulching effects and barrier attributes of cover crop are maximized
  • Rolling and compressing improves the weed suppression of the cover crop
  • Reduction of water evaporation from the soil
  • Better incorporation of crop residue in organic farming

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